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Develop computational thinking and problem solving skills in a game where you give a robot a set of instructions to follow in order to solve the level.

Learn new programming concepts in each Mission!

Create a program using visual instructions for your Bomberbot to follow. Find the shortest path to collect all the stars!

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In this Mission, your students will find out how to use loops to make programs more efficient.
Can you recognize the pattern and solve this level with only 8 instructions?

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Sometimes there are multiple ways to create a program.
An algorithm is like a recipe for solving a problem or completing a task in the most efficient way possible.

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A function stores a set of instructions that you can use later. Create a program with a function in this level to get the highest score!

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Unleash Your Creativity with the Level Editor!

  • Sample level 1
  • Sample level 2

Create Your Own Game Levels

Create new levels! Use our easy drag and drop interface or take on the challenge of playing around in simplified JavaScript code.

Share Levels with Friends

Your students can create their own levels and share them with their friends!

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