Our Mission

Our mission is to empower girls and boys all around the world with basic computational thinking skills and knowledge of computer programming concepts in a fun, accessible way. In a world that is increasingly influenced by technology, we believe that it’s essential for children to get familiar with 21st century learning and the understanding of how we, as humans, program machines to create a better digital future.

What Do We Offer?

Prepare your first Bomberbot lesson in 30 minutes or less. Our multi-year curriculum package allows valuable 21st century learning for students. Teach with lesson plans, offline and online activities, ready-made PowerPoints presentations, and solutions guides. Get started now!
Bomberbot is an educational game that helps children practice computational thinking skills and programming concepts. Try it out now!
Our Progress Tool allows you to easily track levels played, time spent playing, and average score. Apply technology to 21st century learning; see which students can use more support and which students are flying ahead!
Need help getting started? Interested in teacher training? Feel free to reach out to us via the chat function inside our online platform, by sending an email to hello@bomberbot.com or by calling us at +31 20 894 3044. We’re here to help!

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Meet Our Team

Cristian Bello
Cristian BelloCEO & Founder
Kirsten van Smirren
Kirsten van SmirrenCustomer Happiness Specialist
Job Caljé
Job CaljéCommerce and Cooperation
Robrecht Jurriaans
Robrecht JurriaansCTO
Sjoera Buurma
Sjoera BuurmaCustomer Happiness Specialist
Isaline Laurent
Isaline LaurentSoftware Developer
Johan Otten
Johan OttenSenior Developer
Pascale Riaskoff
Pascale RiaskoffEvent Manager
You?Dutch Customer Happiness Specialist
You?Dutch Marketing intern

Teacher’s Advisory Board

Frank Meulepas
Frank MeulepasTeacher, OBS IJpleinschool Primary School
Juliëtte Affourtit
Juliëtte AffourtitTeacher, RKBS De Regenboog Primary School
Elmar Zwart
Elmar ZwartTeacher, RKB Hoeksteen Primary School
Marloes van der Klugt
Marloes van der KlugtTeacher, Fransiscusschool Primary School
Anne Kee Berghoef
Anne Kee BerghoefTeacher, OBS Kudelstaart Primary School
Robin Platjouw
Robin PlatjouwTeacher, SKPO 't Slingertouw Primary School
Dorine Zwijnenburg
Dorine ZwijnenburgTeacher, RKBS De Regenboog Primary School
Robin Smorenberg
Robin SmorenbergTeacher, RKBS de Windhoek Primary School

Our Partners